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Mississippi River Walleye Fishing Alma Fishing Float
LaCrosse Wisconsin
Mississippi River Duck Hunting Guide
Captain Jeremy Schreiner is "Your Go To Guide" for LAKE PEPIN HUNTS!

Specializing in CANVASBACK Hunts!!!

Mississippi River Duck Hunting	"WE FIND and PUT YOU on the BIRDS!"

Typical Harvest ... 400 - 600 Birds a Season!!!
Captain Jer was on the water scouting or hunting all but a hand full of the 60 day season to ensure the highest odds of quality shoots for all clients.

Addicted River Guiding is different than other guide services because we have the Mississippi River Pool 4 & Pool 5 and the option of conducting Layout Boat Hunts on Lake Pepin.

• Quality Gear and a Very Experienced Guide
• Backwater Heated Boat Huntsin 20ft Go Devil Hunting Boat
• Backwater Layout Blind Hunts in Beavertail Final Attack Boats, Sea Ark 2072 Tender Boat, Tunnel Hull with Vertical Jack Plate
• Open Water Layout Hunts in Mighty Layout Boys Boats, Sea Ark 2072 Tender Boat

   Addicted River Guiding is very fortunate to have all three of these completely separate options to offer our hunters. There are times when there is truly only one method that will produce.

We are Truly the Most Versatile Waterfowl Guide Service Around!!!

   Last year we harvested BWT, GWT, Wood Ducks, Mallards, Black Ducks, Pintails, Wigeon, Gadwall, Spooners, Canada Geese, Canvasbacks, Ringbill, Greater Scaup, Lesser Scaup, Bufflehead, Red Head, Goldeneye, Hooded Merganser, American Mergansers and Common Merganser. There are times throughout the season where most speciess are abundant. There is always a peak migration and we study these year to year to determine average dates for each species. Very simple to increase your odds and create a higher percentage!

   We typically start the season with Green Wings, Blue Wings and Wood Ducks, with a few mallards. This Early Season (Season #1) offers fast action, generally warm weather, good numbers and new young birds. Then Through the season there are different phases and peak migrations which I will list as follows.

• Phase # 1: A first push of PUDDLE DUCKS
   This is generally Mid October around our 2nd Season opener. Generally killing more Mallards, Wigeon, Gadwall along with some Pintail and Black Ducks.

• Phase # 2: A first push of DIVER DUCKS
   This generally includes strong numbers of Canvasbacks, Redheads, Ring Bills and a few Bills. The fast and furious diver hunting action can be strong for three weeks. Yet Killing all of these specie through the rest of the year, and generally enough around to target the specie.

• Phase # 3: The Late Season Divers
   Goldeneye, Blue Bill and Bufflehead mostly with all other Hearty Puddlers and Divers showing up also.

   These are typical, traditional calendar order for waterfowl. Mother Nature and Gods Creatures are uncontrollable and we never know exactly, but every year it is pretty darn close though. Remember once the species show up, we generally kill most of them until the end of season except for the first season birds (Teal and Woodies). Mallard populations go up and down throughout the season. Great shoots early and great shoots late. That is the beautiful part of the river you could request a Puddle Duck hunt in the timber and we can kill a couple Bull Cans. Most hunts are set up to kill both Puds and Divers. First step is to choose when you want to come and hunt, considering possible temperatures and weather, species targeted etc. Then we decide which method suites you. My tender boat is set up to hunt 4 Beavertail Layouts in the backwaters at anytime through the season. There are situations where the low profile boats dominate, especially in low cover and short vegetation. At times the heated boat is best, comfortable dry, warm breakfast etc. The layouts are a bit more hardcore hunting weather backwater layouts or open water layouts.

   Which brings us to the late season diver hunts on Lake Pepin starting in early November. These are conducted the same as a Great Lakes Hunt. Very unique, different and fun!! We have options and believe me options are your friend in hunting any waterfowl, the birds move constantly and so must we and be smart in what method of attack we use to kill them.

New in 2012 - 20ft Go Devil Hunting Boat!!!
First one of its kind by Go Devil Ever.

New 2012 20ft with twin 35HP Surface Drive engines, 27.5mph. As featured on the cover of Go Devil.com.
27.5mph. Hunt in safety, comfort, shelter from the wind, rain, complete concelement.
Soon will be plumbed with personal burners for warmth, heat up or make coffee, or warm something to eat. Go Devil Duck Boat


Most hunts will be conducted from the Heated 4 Hunter Seated Float Blind with room for the guide and dog.

• Comfortable Seating
• Mounted Gun Rests
• Hot Breakfast Served (On Float Blind Hunts only)
• Up to 12 Dozen Decoys
• Plenty of Room for 4 Hunters plus the Guide & Dog

Hunting at Schreiner's Sport ShopLAYOUT BOAT HUNTS

Layout Boats sit low on the water and blend into the background are deadly on calm days when the birds shy from land and stay out on the open water.

• Extremely Stable, Dry and Quite Comfortable
• Great In-Your-Face Hunting
• Shooting can be Fast and Furious
• For the Serious Duck Hunter

Lake Pepin Duck HuntingOur Hunting Gear

• 2012 20ft Float Blind with Dual 35HP Surface Drives
• 2005 16ft "Go Devil" Pop-Up Blind with 35HP Surface Drive
• 2012 2-Man Layout Boat
• 2012 1-Man Layout Boat
• 2012 1-Man Layout Boat
• 25 - 30 Dozen Decoys from Diver Ducks to Puddle Ducks
• 2 of the "Best Dogs in the River Valley"

Mallard Duck HuntingWhat Gear Should You Bring?

• Your Hunting Licenses (Available at Schreiner's Sport Shop)
• Your Guns & Shells (Don't Forget Your 3-Shot Plug)
• Camo Face Mask or Paint
• Chest Waders
• Dress in Layers and Bring Your Raingear
• A camera (don’t forget fresh batteries)

Wisconsin Hunting License may be purchased online.
We will help you purchase a Minnesota Hunting License online if needed.
Wisconsin & Minnesota Licenses Needed - Small Game, State Stamp, Federal Stamp, Goose.

Ask us about "CAST & BLAST" - - - Hunt in the AM and Fish in the Afternoon!

Mississippi River Hunting GuideHunting Guide Fees

• We Offer Mostly Morning Hunts - $200 Per Hunter (until Noon)
   Groups of Four to Reserve the Boat.
   We typically launch 2 hours before first shot.
   We hunt until NOON with the option to stay the afternoon.

• We Offer Afternoon Hunts - $200 Per Hunter - Only Thru Oct 31. (4-5 Hours)
   The days are not long enough to pick up from a morning hunt,
   switch guides, head back out and set up after October.

• We Offer All Day Hunts Starting Nov 1 - $300 Per Hunter
   All day hunts must be pre-arranged and the balance due when booking an all day hunt.

   Our guides have lives too, and give 110% out there, but noon hunts will not go past noon. When hunters decide at noon they want to stay and your guide agrees to it, he will do everything he can to make it happen for you.

   If you book a hunt to include your buddies & one or any back out, unless we have a 10 day notice, you are responsible to pay the balance for his/her seat. Too many times someones buddy burns them, in turn the hunter wants to burn us!
Sorry, no more . . . . We do everything we can to fill these seats. If we do, you will get the deposit back also.

Please remember, this is our lively hood, We start preparing for the next duck season as soon as one ends!! - - - Thank You


Addicted River Guiding takes Your Hunting Experience Seriously!!!
We Will Work Hard to Provide You with the Best Opportunity for a Succeful Hunt.

Mississippi River Walleye Fishing Guide

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Mississippi River Hunting
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Mississippi River Duck Hunting